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About me

I love designing and creating. I have many passions including: my kids, triathlon, painting, horses, gardening, playing my banjo, and baking, to name a few. I also have been known to enjoy a leisurely morning with my favorite people–my family–while indulging in my favorite beverage–coffee (coconut milk latte to be exact). I enjoy designing in areas that I have a passion for as you'll see from my portfolio pages. To my kids delight, I have done extensive work in book design & layout for the gaming industry. In 2015 I started my small side-gig Small Things design to give back to the community. This gives me the opportunity to do what I love (design), creating products that others and I can enjoy (hats!), and doing my small part in making this world a better place. With that said, contact me today and let's get designing!


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